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IntegraSys, established in 1990, is an SME engineering company specialized in the design, development and integration of both Non Real Time and Real Time software for automated measurement systems in the telecommunication field. The company also develops software for systems such as multimedia broadband terminals, mobile handheld terminals, man machine interface GUIs and tailored turn-key measurement systems under computer control in the areas of quality assurance, conformance testing, satellite signal monitoring and type approval test certification of telecommunications equipment. Integrasys has participated for over 14 years in the Framework Programmes of the European Commission, in the area of Information Society Technologies and Space. In FP6-ISTMUSIC we develop an open platform technology for the development of self-adaptive mobile applications, which includes methodology, tools and SOA middleware technology. Integrasys has developed technological solution in the area of eHealth, where we provide eHealth service through Television based on Multimedia Home platform (MHP) specification. In addition, Integrasys is member of the LLSA (Living Lab Salud Andalucia), which is a Living Lab for eHealth domain in the south of Spain. Integrasys has also developed a solution for elderly people in the Spanish research project ELISA, a platform and a set of distributed mobile services for elderly and disabled people.


AIT Logo

AIT is Austria’s largest extra-university research institute in applied research and development. The multidisciplinary team from the Health & Environment department has know-how in middleware development and application, system and senor integration and standardization activities. AIT has experience from different national, AA-JP and European research projects (e.g. Bedmond, Companionable, AALuis, MPOWER, universAAL, NovaHome – Homer) in the field of AAL.


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Noldus Information Technology BV develops software tools and integrated measurement systems for the study of human behaviour, emotion and human-system interaction. Areas of expertise include digital video and multimedia, computer vision, sensor technology, signal processing, electronics, mechanical engineering and software application development. The products range from data collection and analysis software to complete behavioural research facilities. The company currently employs 130 people, of whom 35 in Research & Development, and operates from offices in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, USA, Canada and China. The headquarters are located in Wageningen (The Netherlands). Noldus is a founding partner of the i3B Lab, a living lab for research and development of measurement and analysis systems for brain, cognition, physiology and behaviour. Over the years Noldus has been involved in numerous national and international collaboration projects in a variety of application fields, including research projects funded by the European Community. Completed EU projects include OBSERVE (FP4), NITE (FP5), HILAS (FP6), AMIDA (FP6), PRONTO (FP7). Currently Noldus is a partner in Neuromodel (FP7), iCareNet (FP7), GUARANTEE (ITEA2) and E-Track (FP7).


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Inertia Technology develops intelligent sensor nodes that communicate wireless, process data collaboratively, perform distributed monitoring and provide instant feedback. The innovative technology of Inertia provides reactive intelligence, autonomic behaviour, flexibility and scalability, ease of installation, low-cost and low-power operation. Inertia continuously strives on bringing high-tech innovation from the research lab to the market.


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Mattersoft Ltd. is a Finnish software company focusing on intelligent transport systems (ITS) and services, especially those related to public transport. The core competence of the company is in real-time passenger information, real-time sensor information gathering and analysis, and providing cities with traffic light priorities. The personnel also have significant experience in demand responsive transport systems developed to help elderly and disabled persons in their daily travelling. Mattersoft uses the latest technologies available. Currently Mattersoft is involved in a European FP7 research project PRONTO – Event Recognition for Intelligent Resource Management.


Unie KBO logo

Unie KBO, The Association of Catholic Organisations of Senior Citizens, is the largest senior citizen organisation in the Netherlands, It advocates a society in which all people feel at home. Unie KBO promotes the interests of senior citizens and develops a range of activities and services for them, considering the needs and desires of various groups of senior citizens.

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