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/// E-MOSION Scenario

Let‟s talk about Phil, a pilot user for the project, sitting quietly at home, decides to buy some ingredients to make a cake for his grandson, as his birthday is approaching. Phil is feeling a little tired, so he decides to use the public transport to get to the mall. At home, he decides to use the E-MOSION kit to get instructions in an easy way about what bus he must take, the time remaining before the next bus arrives and some simple directions on how to get to the stop. The device realizes there is quite some time until the bus comes and that Phil seems to be in a hurry, so it informs Phil on estimated time to get to the stop and that he has time enough to calmly make sure he closes all the doors and windows before leaving home.

When Phil decides to leave home, the kit alerts Phil that he has forgotten to close one of the windows. This is possible thanks to the security sensor network that monitors Phil‟s home. In this way, Phil is more comfortable knowing that his home is secure. Walking is beneficial for elderly people suffering certain conditions (e.g. asthma), while at the same time represents a challenge for them.

On the way to the mall, the mobile device that Phil wears detects fatigue symptomes from a heart beats sensor combined with his accumulated level of activity during the day, so the wristwatch recommends him to ignore the bus about to come and take the next one which is coming just some minutes later, so that Phil does not get overwhelmed. The route planning will consider the best route for Phil, and there is no possibility to get lost, since Phil will be located even in hostile urban environments thanks to the combination of GPS/EGNOS and 3D inertial navigation support.

Phil has dared to make this trip because he has been promised that once he arrives at the mall, he will be able to get help from a support worker to find the best store to buy the ingredients he is looking for. Once in the supermarket, Phil can locate the corridors, where the ingredients are in, based on the shopping list he has prepared at home, thanks to the WiFi beacons network that has been installed inside the supermarket within E-MOSION.

At the end of the shopping task, Phil feels a little tired, so he decides to use E-MOSION taxi call service from his smart-phone to take him home.

Taxi service receives Phil‟s location, so Phil does not need to talk to the taxi service at all. After the day, Phil returns home with the feeling of regaining the independence he had years ago.

E-MOSION Scenario
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