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/// E-MOSION present at UbiComp 2013

15 Sep / 2013
Author: E-MOSION

The 2013 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2013) was held from September 8-12, 2013, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our partner Noldus presented the tool Tracklab, being developed/improved under the E-MOSION project. The paper was titled “TrackLab – An innovative system for location sensing, customer flow analysis and persuasive information presentation”.



TrackLab is a new tool for measurement, recognition and analysis of spatial behavior. Although a number of software packages have been developed which can, for instance, acquire tracking data or analyze that data, there is currently no one system which supports the entire workflow. TrackLab supports import from a wide variety of input formats, both real-time and offline. Furthermore a plug-in module is being developed which gives tracking data from a group of up to ten people on the basis of video images (that is, with no need for tags or similar). Once the location data is in the TrackLab software it can be visualized in a variety of ways and a statistical analysis report is generated. The analysis variables are based on established parameters for quantification of behavior based on location. The analysis helps you to gain insight into the spatial behavior of customers. For real-time applications of the system, the analysis variables can be used to control external software, for example presentation of information on a display when a person has followed a particular path through the shop.

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