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/// E-MOSION will be at the “Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE)” 2013 conference, in Vilamoura, Portugal

18 Sep / 2013
Author: E-MOSION

Christopher Mayer (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Health & Environment Department, Biomedical Systems) will present the paper “End-User Involvement in E-MOSION
Focusing on Mobility Services.


The main objective of E-MOSION is to provide mobility services for older adults with age-related impairments. The idea is to help older adults in their daily routine activities far from home. The development and innovation process follows an iterative method where older adults are involved in the project from the beginning till the end. In the initial stage end-users were involved by means of a questionnaire and in focus groups. A result from the questionnaire was as expected that the reasons for getting around are manifold. Most of the participants mention shopping as the main reason for frequent mobility followed by visiting friends and cultural activities. Regarding the ways how people get around outside the responses show a broad spectrum. Walking, by car and by public transport services are the most prominent means. All in all the results highlighted the usefulness of the intended solution and revealed interesting insights which will be envisaged in the course of the project.

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