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Welcome to the E-MOSION project

Elderly friendly mobility services for Indoor and Outdoor scenarios

Did you know that...

... many elderly people don’t leave their home for fear that something happens inside?

... many elderly people don’t travel to faraway places because they do not know exactly how to get?

... many elderly people buy small items due to the burden of carrying with them too much weight?

E-MOSION project aims at enabling integral outdoor and indoor localization and mobility services for elderly people with age-related sensory (visual, auditory) and cognitive (memory) impairments that help them in their daily routine activities far from home.

Some of E-MOSION Features:

  • Home Security Sensor Network
  • Public transport: Live data & planning
  • Inertial assisted 3D navigation
  • Indoor specific navigation
  • Health Monitoring

  • Focus Group sessions

  • Lab testing - navigation

  • Field Trials - On the route

  • Field Trials - In the shop

  • Public Transport


The solution is based on a combination of existing and future open mobile platforms, an IP connected server platform and a home security sensor network.


The E-MOSION consortium reflects a mix between various activities necessary for the successful outcome of the project. Distribution of resources amongst R&D, demonstration, management and other activities has been well planned.

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